Dr. Anjali

Counselling Psychotherapist, Lecturer for Medical Team Professionals, Coach for Science & Management Students, Radio Jokey, Author & Researcher

Dr. Anjali BungaleeaDr. Anjali is an eminent Research Psychologist in Mauritius, with a Ph.D. (2012-2015) in Psychology & Human Behaviour. In practice since the year 2007 to date, Dr. Anjali covers monthly scientific articles in the local and South African press:

  • Para-Psychology
  • Organisational Psychology
  • Personality Aspects
  • Dimensions of Perception
  • Parenting and Analysis of Educational Systems amidst

Her research interest includes infancy through adolescence, neurological & emotional developmental landmarks. She is passionate about exploring the self-organizing consciousness & pseudoscience concerned with psychic research which includes telepathy, precognition & psychokinesis.

Anjali is a lecturer for Psychology modules at various tertiary Institutions, holds a particular interest in Palliative Care modules for the medical team, and is a member of various NGOs and societies.

Anjali's main philosophical message is that each single human being is a miracle and ought ‘choose’ to be confident in believing in the existing laws that govern abundance.


  • Psychologist, Ministry of Social Integration and Economic Empowerment
  • Part-Time/Freelance: Mauritius Institute of Health, Clinique Du Nord, Glamis Business School, AEA Training Center, University of 3rd Age, Amity University


Ph.D. in Psychology, MA, MBA, BA


  • Society for Psychologists and Counsellors (Founder Member and Former Vice President)
  • Exec Member, Association des Practiciens en Psychologie de L'ocean Indien
  • Founding Member, Jaipur Foot Project, Global Rainbow Foundation
  • Member of MioD, Mental Health Health Federation, WIN, WIP

An Active Mauritian Citizen

A professional working mum, active in her career and volunteering, she has been recognized and awarded for voluntary work and outstanding contribution to research and education. She is also frequently invited for interviews on various topics by leading newspapers and radio stations.

Confession: My little daughter brings out the child in me.

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