Parent-Children Bridge

Parents of Babies or Pre-school Children:

If you are worried about your child or how you are coping as a parent, parent and child counselling and therapy can help…

Do you feel dragged down with the demands of parenting a pre-schooler?

Are you feeling guilty because you are having difficulty enjoying and bonding with your new baby?

Does parenthood seem like it’s more of a struggle than it should be? Parent Child Counselling

If you are dealing with a fussy baby or a wilful toddler, you may be experiencing a great deal of stress. Parenting children under the age of 5 is one of the biggest challenges that you will ever face as a parent.

You may wish you have been better prepared for becoming a parent… The sleepless nights. The lack of time for your and your partner . Not to mention all the new responsibilities. You may feel you have lost yourself.

The joy of having a baby or child can easily turn into frustration and fatigue no matter how hard you are working to be a good parent. It’s just not always easy to cope.

Although it isn’t acknowledged often, parents need support during the important transition into parenthood.

Trying to balance parenthood with other family and career responsibilities can be taxing. You may start feeling that you are failing as a parent.

At worst, you may feel you are a bad parent.

Parent Child CounsellingWhether you are concerned about your NEW BABY and how you are coping as a parent, or worried and struggling to manage your PRE – SCHOOL CHILD’S behaviour, parent and child counselling can help.

We provide the following parent-child bridge  services:

  • Understand Your Child
  • Identify Child Personality Traits
  • Learning & Memory-For Students
  • Successful Single Parenting
  • 100 % Guaranteed Transformational programs
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