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Women Power

A Need for More Women

This article appeared on Innovate Magazine, a Train 2 Gain Group Publication, Issue date 28th August 2015, No. 4.

“THE MAURITIAN CONDITION at the dawn of the 21st century has come up a growing concern of research on gender and leadership. The issue of women as leaders is a “hot button” issue with waves of evidences intimately considering the facts that women may have certain advantages in leadership, particularly in today’s workplace that demands that leaders have strong emotional and social skills amidst. So what can be the bottom line as such?

Let us have a quick glance at the Mauritian history, which ought be bunk, it’s to say live in the present, not the past if we have to bring remedial strategies by bridging women leaders. It’s like, throughout the Mauritian history we witness the male-oriented pioneers, because our society has been male-dominated for ages, male-managed. This is the whole psychology of why we have few women leaders who have been able to come in the limelight to make bright impacts.

The question arises, would things be different if there were more women leaders in Mauritius?

I have been attending annual conferences throughout and listening to renowned women leaders at national and International levels, and do pose the question of what would happen if more women attained leadership position in Mauritius (and the world). Here are some of the potential outcomes (pokes extrapolating from couples of research on gender and leadership conducted under Ph.D. programs):

With the rise of women as leaders: our population, being follower of its leader shall then, naturally be more focused on equality, eliminating poverty and similar humanitarian issues (if we flashback, we can be immediately aware to what extent men focus on free market systems, economy and doctrine advocating individualism only); Following which, our local market would find more stability, without the recent meltdowns under the positively composed feminine leadership of women being are less risk-taking than men!

Women, being natural transformational leaders, would inspire and foster monitored respectful and fiercely loyal workplaces with less (not to say complete eradication) bullying and mishaps in the workplaces; Colleagues would be a model of integrity and fairness resulting in employees performances beyond expectations. Such initiations can get people to look beyond their self-interest and act as a catalyst to inspire men and women alike, to reach for the improbable; Women are fiercely emotional in their inspiration and compassion nature, and hence there will surely be emphasis on quality of childcare, healthcare, and education. A rise in women leadership would bring in a more peaceful island with a slow churn of a hyper-masculine world to a more egalitarian.

Women as leaders would encourage male participation in family-friendly benefits. Any effort toward passionate family bondness should actively

elevate family knits with a much stronger annotation and foster male participation to avoid inadvertently making it harder for women to gain access to essential managerial roles.

Women leadership in empowerment, being more ethical minded would foster anti-corruption climates. As witnessed lately throughout at International level, grass roots women’s associations throughout the world, women-led strategies strengthened transparency and accountability,

leading to prevention of corruption. Not only have women lead anti-corruption initiatives, their involvement also reaped important gender equality gains.

Through innovative programmes and island level projects, empowerment of women leaders can strengthen anti-corruption actions by mobilizing

themselves to monitor and raise awareness of corruption threats and build trust between communities and government officials, resulting in higher participation, transparency and accountability. By all means, gender empowerment has so far proven more effective as opposed to “gender-blind” approaches in the fight against corruption. It is noteworthy to take into consideration one major challenge in our island: that is the lack of systematic identification and prioritization of gender dimensions in corruption-prone sectors.

The above listed judgments can be brainstormed to come up with a strong case for the role of organized and empowered women as “game-changers” in our developing Mauritian community to respond positively to women’s call for action and support.

Another area that needs urgent attention in view to empower women leaders is to take into account grassroots women’s experiences in the existing 148 pockets of poverty in Mauritius and develop micro strategies at the national level.If women are to achieve equality in leadership,

women and men will have to actually ‘share’ leadership equally. With a greater understanding of what stands in the way of gender-balanced leadership, we draw nearer to attaining it in our time. Certainly of course, as some of my friends and colleagues have brainstormed on potentials, it’s to say, unless the entire world had greater representation of women in their governments, it cannot be a reality in our tiny-winy island!”

You may read the complete issue here.

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Women Power

A Need for More Women

This article appeared on Innovate Magazine, a Train 2 Gain Group Publication, Issue date 28th August 2015, No. 4. “THE …